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♪ "Hunger Games Bajan Canadian Song" – A Minecraft Parody of Decisions by Borgore (Music Video)

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Words can’t express how grateful I am of the opportunity you have all given me!
This last year has been truly a blessing – much appreciate it everyone!
All I can really offer is two very simple words “thank you”.
Things will only continue to improve from here – so many epic videos to follow, original content, projects etc. etc. LEZZGOOOOO!

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Borgore’s “Decisions”

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Animation by:

Vocals by:
Jake – https://twitter.com/jakecardiff401
John – https://twitter.com/john_cardiff_

Instrumentals by:

Artwork by:

Make sure you go show some love to everyone involved in this project.
They deserve it!

More Hunger Games! (Official Playlist)

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